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well done the top placegetters,especially BRING IT ON. All of that tennis viewing you do has paid off. Thanks UMP yet again.
stevo 9 Sep     
Hey Stevo: QuicnQuestion- Does Bring it on watch all the live matches?
I never play tennis 9 Sep     
i'm sure if she physically could, she'd watch all night and half the day.Only one problem; she always wants RAFA to win.
stevo 10 Sep     
Thanks Stevo! Special thanks to the Ump - you do such a great job! Makes all the tennis viewing worthwhile!!
Bring it on 10 Sep     
Thanks UMP
Vixen 9 Sep     
Excellent competition, groups was close all the way but came down to picking the winners in the finals along with their double points, our group appreciates your time and effort, thanks UMP
Fuzzy Balls 9 Sep      1
Thank you Ump,well did ok, look fwd to doing better at Aus open. Wish you well, thanks for wonderful job you do. Merry xmas, just around the corner, then be Akld and Aus open. Queenie
Queenie 9 Sep     
Congrats to all Rafa fans. Our boy did it again. Vamos
1 Rafael nadal 9 Sep      3
Woo Hoo!!! I'm so happy. 19 GRAND SLAMS and still going. Rafa your a legend! Now your going to easily pass Rogers record of 20. LETS GO RAFA!!!
I never play tennis 9 Sep      3
Yes - our boy did it again! Well done Rafa - you are a real and fine athlete!
Real & fine athlete 9 Sep      2
Prize Winners
Big Apple Picker - JP3 on 88 points.
Women's Draw - Forehand
Mens's Draw - Tallboy on a countback from Skorpion27.
Lucky Dip - Becs
Groups - Your Shout
best Caption - Shelley Beach

Congrats to all of you in a very tough contest. No one picked all 14 winners but JP3 did best with 13 and is the 2019 Big Apple Picker :)
The Ump 9 Sep      8
Prize winners - email Ump a postal address for your goodies :)
The Ump 9 Sep      1
THANK YOU as always for the professional and fair umpiring of a rollercoaster game!
virgcat 9 Sep      1
THANK YOU UMP for the awesome game that I always look forward for and I hope I can win the LEGEND OF OZ IN 2020. I'm Going to use JP3's Tips and just bet real safe but right!!! Once again Thanks Ump for the incredible game that everyone loves. For the Love of Tennis!
I never play tennis 9 Sep     
Thanks, a lot of fun playing this game. Roll on the next Grand Slam!
JP3 9 Sep     
Thanks Ump!
Becs 10 Sep     
Congratulations JP3. You have won by a staggering 9 points.Very well done!
Mr Lob 9 Sep      2
JP3 9 Sep     
What an awesome effort in the 2nd set by Bianca, Arthur Ashe stadium has a capacity of 23,771 with approx 23,000 cheering so loud for Serena Bianca was forced to put her fingers in her ears, what mental strength to win that title, awesome teenager and so so worthy.
Fuzzy Balls 8 Sep      1
Yeah she played an awesome game, and with younger legs and wit outgunned the Serena serve and muscled her way to her first Grand Slam title.
Ducktales 10 Sep      1
5th spot "bring it on" now Bring it Home"
stevo 8 Sep     
Tried my best Stevo - 3rd in the end. Pretty happy with that! 😊
Bring it on 9 Sep     
From 400th to 200th in 1 match,great job thank you Bianca.
stevo 8 Sep     
oh dear, started off so well, now the pain, unfortunately Bianca won for me in earlier rounds.
Queenie 8 Sep     
Ump must be cracking up. The whole lot chose Serena for the finals 😂😂😂
1 Rafael nadal 8 Sep      1
Those of us who weren't snookered, you mean.
virgcat 8 Sep     
I need Andrescue to rescue me out of the 400's
stevo 8 Sep      1
Congrats mate
1 Rafael nadal 8 Sep     
Picks close at 8am for Womenís final - not 10am as said yesterday. Ump got carried away with Love Tennis 🎾
The Ump 8 Sep     
I am 27th with Nadal and Serena to win final!
kiwitennis 7 Sep     
Commiserations. You're now neck and neck with me. Fingers crossed Rafa can bring home the bacon.
virgcat 8 Sep     
Come on Your Shout , hopefully the Rascals will drop there balls in the final!!
Ducktales 7 Sep     
I was quietly thinking I was pretty good at this when it started, but turns out I kinda suck. Haha! 99th at the moment.
El Rey 7 Sep     
The Royal Oak Rascals may have celebrated too early as Your Shout have over taken them in the Groups race. Nether might be shouting come Monday as the double point finals mean you've got to be still standing at the bell :)
The Ump 7 Sep     
The Ball boy has leapt into the limelight with a 1 point lead. Quick - screenshot it now BB as Ump sees a snooker looming and it will soon be back to the sidelines kid.
The Ump 7 Sep     
Lol, I gave up earlier but ump picked winners ! Haha.. is I started picking again!
kiwitennis 7 Sep     
I was snookered in the women's and tried not to pick anyone for the semis. I wanted to try and double up in the final. Is that still allowed or has that ship sailed? (I was automatically given SW in semi today)
Phil10isAce 6 Sep     
It's quite legit to save someone for the final but you need to lock them in otherwise the lucky dipper will nab them. But no tears just yet please - SW could well find the final beyond her again!
The Ump 6 Sep      1
Caption Contest :Nick: Why do people always come to watch my matches? I don't try to win matches, I just want to be the next best John Mcenroe.
I never play tennis 6 Sep      2
Nick is saying - "Let's tank this set"
0SAMPRAS 5 Sep     
Could be sandpaper time mate
chopperchowmein 5 Sep      1
Mamabear retains the lead after the quarters. But looks to have a problem in the Women's semis! Ump predicts bear tears
The Ump 5 Sep      4
you will be right there, after doing so well i maybe snookered, do i forsake 5 points now and aim for double in the final, the delimitation
mamabear 5 Sep     
Few beers later mate....your Hotel or mine ?
virgo 5 Sep     
Caption Contest Nick Kyrgios: "Bro, between us we have a full head of hair!"
FOULDS EH BOY 5 Sep      1
1RAFAELNADAL Could you please like my post (ITS ABOUT 5 DOWN) Anyway with Federer gone Nadal is in perfect shape to win this whole thing. It will be his 19th Grandslam and 1 behind Federer!!! He has got Schwartzmen then Berretinni and then Medvedev so pretty good chance he will win VAMOS! (BY THE WAY I'D GREATLY APPRECIATTE IF YOU LIKE MY POST)
Rafa_Jaw 5 Sep      3
Done 🙂
1 Rafael nadal 6 Sep     
Thanks 1RafaelNadal, The other guy (Shelley Beach) won it by 10 likes anyway but I came 2nd place so all goods. Thanks 1Rafel Nadal and next time there is a caption contest I will definately like your post!!!
Rafa_Jaw 6 Sep     
Nick is Saying... If you blow on the ball like this you can serve much faster
JayFTee 5 Sep     
Caption contest. Not sure what Nick is saying, but Copil should do us all a favour and shove that ball in Nickís mouth.
Liz Lemon 5 Sep      3
Caption contest Nick: Dude's a kiwi, I'm thinking underarm. Trust me, they really don't like that...
Shelley Beach 4 Sep      18
Congratulations Shelley Beach. Brilliant and bloody funny. Email Ump an address for the balls.
The Ump 6 Sep      1
Caption contest Nick: Do you know the umpire's a tosser? Copil: You hum it Nick, I'll play it...
Shelley Beach 4 Sep      1
So do you want to go for a drink after this - I know a really great bar
Billy 4 Sep      1
Caption Contest -Nick- Copil, What do you think we try and get the most code violations in doubles history. I've already got one for hitting a ball up in the crowd so how do you think i should get another? Maybe throw the umpire out of the umpire stand and yell in to the microphone "GAME SET AND MATCH KRYIOS AND COPIL!!!"
Rafa_Jaw 4 Sep      8
Caption Contest-Nick- Hey Copil, you reckon I serve it straight down to Marcus Daniell standing at the net to give him a taste of his own medicine because he hit me in the back in the last point and I am super angry about it.
I never play tennis 4 Sep      3
Caption contest Hey I can hook you up with a hairpiece like mine if you're keen
Doobs 4 Sep      2
Caption Contest. I"m going to ask Marcus Daniel if Karl Budge can give me a wild card into the ASB Classic in January
macka 4 Sep      5
caption contest - nick - look, i will try not to be an idiot for this point.
ANGLOKIWI 4 Sep     
Caption contest - Kyrgios: "I'm bringing out the big guns for this point and if that doesn't work, my secret weapon. Do you happen to know whether Daniell has a girlfriend?"
virgcat 4 Sep      1
Caption Contest - Nick: "Easy plan...I will hit an ace up the T and then you chest bump me"
Phil10isAce 4 Sep      1
Nice work West end we are now the 3rd leading group we can do this. 👍
F1NN 4 Sep      1
One lousy point! ONE LOUSY MAGTCH POINT!!! Julia, I know you didn't know that I picked you to win in straight sets, and would be leading the women's picks competition by two points if you had won that point, but why did you then have to blow the whole match and completely ruin my life????? :-)
anotherkiwi 3 Sep     
Címon RO Rascals!! Only 3 rounds to go...we can do this!
Becs 3 Sep     
Hello UMP When I signed up I saw that one of the e-mails said that there was going to be a caption contest as one of the new additions to the game. Just wondering if that was ever going to happen or just a mistake. All Goods either way UMP. Thanks for the amazing game as well. I always look forward to it and have my hopes up and I am trying different strategies for each one. Hopefully, I can win the legend of OZ in 2020!!!
Rafa_Jaw 3 Sep      2
Thanks for the reminder Rafa_Jaw. Anybody seen a likely pic for the Caption comp? Send it to Ump
The Ump 3 Sep      2
Royal Oak have skipped a couple of points clear in the Groups battle. But Ump hears there are some unhappy rascals today. Now why would that be???
The Ump 3 Sep      1
A new leader again after round 4. Mamabear tops the Big Apple Picker scoreboard by a single point. Hope you can bear the pressure mama :)
The Ump 3 Sep     
I'm sure hoping that former leader ""Bring it On" can somehow" Bring IT BACK "
stevo 2 Sep     
Might be difficult Stevo - my first loss today! Ruble let me down!
Bring it on 3 Sep     
I love Stan's groundstrokes - shame the match ended like it did
El Rey 2 Sep     
Remember when Goffin was being compared to Federer a few years back? And now he spoils my picks by going out in the 4th. David, David, David... Now Fed is up against Baby Fed in the Quarters - let's see if Dimitrov can push through. Class from Osaka in her showdown with Gauff yesterday.
El Rey 2 Sep     
Phew thanks for the reminders to pick. Busy day!
virgcat 1 Sep     
The Royal Oak Rascals take a fraction of a point lead in the Groups race. Don't set up the bar tab just yet you Rascals.
The Ump 1 Sep     
New leaders after round 3 and its all about the Mats with with Matman and MattC123 equal 1st on 39 points.
The Ump 1 Sep      1
Woohoo! After Round 3, I am coming second in the men's draw. I may only be 107th overall - but second in the men's. Leech (ranked 44 overall) has 24 points in the men's draw At least four of us on 21: Boris, Logagong, GC77, Shelley Beach, Real & fine athlete (Rafa) Have I missed anyone? - who scored 22 or 23 in the mens. (Apologies if I have) Well done Leech. To get 24, you must have correctly picked an unseeded player, guessed the sets and a lower rank beat a higher - in three consecutive rounds! Well done you. Phenomenal picking. The overall winners haven't done that. I am now sooo nervous, I can barely pick the next round!
Real & fine athlete 1 Sep     
You all should start playing lotto. Chances of winning are very high........... I am like kyrgios, have never gone beyond third round successfully 😐
1 Rafael nadal 2 Sep     
Wouldnít it be really cool if Stan beat Novak? Mevedev ( hope I have spelt that right - apologies Vircat if I havenít) needs to learn how to get the crowd back on side after stuffing up. Roger swearing in a press conference ?? ? Although Dan is right - who would I like to watch next round - Roger of course. . This open is delivering on all levels
Billy 31 Aug     
You haven't even spelt Virgcat right 😂🤣😂 But you will never forget Roger...
virgcat 31 Aug      1
Must be the bottles of bubbles I am forcing myself to drink - will try to edit
Billy 31 Aug      1
😒😔🥳😩 trying to find figures that apologise for bad spelling
Billy 31 Aug      1
Billy, you are a prophet!!
virgcat 2 Sep     
Thankyou ump I know its a roller coaster ridebut it so much fun ..
beaver 30 Aug     
A roller coaster is supposed to go up as well as down. Mine's doing a Jules Verne at the mo.
virgcat 31 Aug      1
Reilly Opelka really let me down I'm upset.
kiwiwayne 30 Aug     
You and me both! Straight sets as well - which is what I had picked him to win by. :-(
anotherkiwi 30 Aug     
Hi Ump. Is there a wooden spoon for anyone who goes through the whole comp without picking a winner? Iíve got claims on it if there is!!!😩
Nancy Jenkins 30 Aug      2
You're in the Hall of Fame already Nancy for winning the US Open a couple of years back. But getting double double bagels takes serious effort. Bet you can't make it a triple double bagel :)
The Ump 30 Aug      1
Bet I can Ump. Just watch me AND Iím still trying to win!
Nancy Jenkins 30 Aug      1
I managed a triple double bagel at Wimbledon - or was it the French Open? Don't cry if it happens - just pick yourself up and keep going.I definitely think there should be a wooden spoon for such achievements.
Real & fine athlete 1 Sep     
One great thing about losing so much - it really challenges the Ump to extend his/her vocabulary. I was amazed at the multitude of condolence messages - and none were ever repeated. It almost made losing so much worth it.
Real & fine athlete 1 Sep     
Blotted your copybook already Nancy! el kano has managed zero total from 6 lucky dips. Can't beat that by picking your own.
bobco 1 Sep     
Marshland TC lead the Groups race from the Royal Oak Rascals. Marshland are past winners but this is new territory for the Rascals ;)
The Ump 30 Aug      1
Clueless leads after round 2. Sounds like just the tactics required as the seeds continue crashing out all over Flushing Meadows.
The Ump 30 Aug     
In the history of the pickems, has there been winners who only pick seeds or do we need to gamble with some unseeded players?
Phil10isAce 29 Aug     
Definitely possible to win picking seeds only especially as many times no one has picked all 14 winners. Better to get the wins than pull your hair out but yud need to be picking up sets bonus points as well. But then again there's no greater buzz than hauling in an 8 pointer. You choose Phil10isace :)
The Ump 29 Aug      1
No outright leader after round 1 but the 4 pickers on 15 points have made a grand start. The 22 on 14 pts are also sitting pretty. Not so the 60 who made double bagels - could that be a record!
The Ump 29 Aug      1
Tough comp eh MattW? Shall we start our own??
baxovic 28 Aug     
WoW. Have to relish this first pick!! Sitting at the top of the list.. wonít last unfortunately. Weíre away for a month and not sure what times Iíll be able to get to wifi access. But Iíll enjoy following the open. Thanks UMP for thť effort you make to keep us all happy😉 and enjoying the great game of tennis.
arky13 28 Aug      2
How many points should Nishikori get for winning without dropping a set? Cash.
cash 28 Aug     
Just the 5 points Cash. Nishikori's opponent retired in the 2nd set and there is no sets bonus if the match is less then 3 sets for men. See the nitty gritty rules
The Ump 28 Aug     
How many times do I akways have to losemy first round picks. I always look at the draw and gte too excited of getting an 8 pointer and then always lose and come back and win the next rounds but its always too late. STUPID GASQUET!!!
Rafa_Jaw 28 Aug      1
No time for tears Rafa-Jaw. There's a long way to go and your namesake expects you to hang tough.
The Ump 28 Aug      1
I thought Gasquet was a good option too as he showed some form lately after coming back from injury. But he got gassed by Berrettini who is also a form player. Ah what do you do.
FOULDS EH BOY 28 Aug     
Never mind Rafa-jaw. Our champ is doing well and that's the most important thing. Wishing u best of luck for the next rounds.vamos💪💪💪
1 Rafael nadal 28 Aug     
Exactly thats the main thing that Rafael Nadal wins. I'll be more happy if he won U.S Open that me winning big apple picker!!! He had a great match today and Federer looked not great!!! LETS GO RAFA!!!
Rafa_Jaw 28 Aug      3
And with Theim and khachanov out. Things looking good for our boy. These two did a lot of damage last year. But we will take one match at a time like Rafa
1 Rafael nadal 28 Aug      1
Yes especially THIEM as he made Nadal retire the match after against Del porto because of the very long 5 setter with Thiem. RAFA has got this one. I feel it in my bones! I wasn't sure at wimbeldon but I am very confident he'll make this 19 grand slams!
I never play tennis 28 Aug      1
A repeat of US open 2017 would be great. 🤞
1 Rafael nadal 29 Aug      1
Yes - go Rafa.
Real & fine athlete 1 Sep     
I have a short memory. Too late I remembered that Sam Querrey failed me miserably previously. That's it. He's had his chips now.
virgcat 27 Aug      2
Tough first round for the team. I donít think we have ever all failed so dismally in the first round. Can only improve from here. Well couldnít get any worse. Just as well our livelihood is not depending on our picks
Billy 30 Aug      1
Thank god only self-esteem at stake rather than $$$
virgcat 30 Aug      1
Work with kids and self esteem is only a distant memory
Billy 31 Aug     
Always maintain the upper hand 😂
virgcat 31 Aug      1
I am practicing press ups to try to gain that. Wish me luck
Billy 31 Aug     
Tough first round for the team. I donít think we have ever all failed so dismally in the first round. Can only improve from here. Well couldnít get any worse. Just as well our livelihood is not depending on our picks
Billy 30 Aug     
Buckle up you 480 hopefuls - the game is on. 2 weeks, 7 rounds, 254 matches, ??? snookers. One of you is destined to be the the Big Apple Picker 2019. Good picking
The Ump 26 Aug      1
Tsitsipas vs Rublev who will win that Candian battle as well FAA vs the Shapo
DrillDog 26 Aug     
Hi Drilldog, Felix Auger Alliasime will beats shapovalov and Tsitipas will rollover rublev
Rafa_Jaw 26 Aug      1
Where do you get Canadian from ???
Vixen 27 Aug     
Bceause felix auger alliasme vs shapovalov!!! I know he sort of worded it wrong but If you read closely then you can understand
Rafa_Jaw 27 Aug     
Unlucky for Kevin. Really wanted to pick him :(
SassyPants! 26 Aug      1
I see Raonic has now withdrawn with a glute injury...
virgcat 26 Aug      1
Milos will have more than a glute injury if those who have picked him don't realise he's pulled the plug!
Barthel has also withdrawn from the Women and been replaced by Kirsten Flipkens. That's now 5 lucky losers in the Women's.
The Ump 26 Aug      2
Kevin Anderson has pulled out and been replaced by Lucky Loser Paolo Lorenzi. Anyone who had already picked Anderson will now get Lorenzi. Still plenty of time to change horses of course.
Already 4 withdrawn from the Women but all before picking started so no picks affected and the 4 still get a truckload of prizemoney.
The Ump 25 Aug      1
Great to be here and all set for 2 fab weeks of tennis
Billy 24 Aug     
Draws are out. When does the picking start?
1 Rafael nadal 24 Aug      1
Coming soon 1RN. Ump's real slow today.
The Ump 24 Aug     
Welcome back Ump. I'm back only for a week tho off to warmer clims. No not the open unfortunaly.
beaver 21 Aug     
Welcome to the Big Apple Picker - the last grand slam of 2019 and the 21st edition of the picking game.
Good picking
The Ump 20 Aug      2
Maria and Serena playing each other in the 1st round. How ridiculous is that?
kiwiwayne 23 Aug      1
Who reckons Gasquet will beat 24th seed Berretinni?
Rafa_Jaw 23 Aug      1
Awesome final. Just awesome tennis as
Rafa hung on to take his 19th major

Bianca Andreescu was as gobsmacked
as the 322 who picked Serena Williams

Cracker time had by many at 128 clubs
across the Country. Thanks to the
100s of Love Tennis volunteers

It wasn't to be for Monfils and Svitolina
but at least they can share the pain

Caption Contest - What is Nick Kyrgios
saying to Marius Copil in this match
versus Kiwi Marcus Daniell?
Most likes wins a can of balls.
Contest closed - winner Shelley Beach

Diego flummoxed Alex who found
it all rather hair raising

It was all downhill for Ash Barty

Mike Venus out of the Dubs but looking
good in the Mixed as top seed
with Hao-Ching Chan

Feliciano Lopez has been fantastic lately
but 37 year old legs can be jelly traitors

7 double faults in the 1st game and 17
in the match but Ostapenko still won

Dzumhur should not be so astonished
to take the 1st set from the GOAT

Oh to be 15 and winning big :)

Nagal gave Federer a Nadal like fright

Sharapova's still got the stare. Has she
still got the game to take down Serena

Roger still looks a little haunted

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)