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Thanks Ump and Mrs Ump for running another super exciting contest. Even though I mucked up by having no signal for the first week I still love being part of it. Roll on Aussi!
Nancy Jenkins 13 Sep     
Only 1 person got every round pick correct!! What a beast. And that got them second place, woah go the winner with bonus points!
Phil10isAce 12 Sep     
Thanks Ump see you again soon
beaver 12 Sep     
Online fitness and mindset.
Harrison Lund 12 Sep - online mindset and fitness for tennis players in NZ 😊😃
amsiam 12 Sep     
Big Apple Picker - Brandon C smashed it with 96 pts including 3 for getting the dubs sets correct.
Women's Draw - Lee on a countback from Vinzie.
Men's draw - Gorby on a countback from Greyway.
Lucky draw - Up the Blues
Top Group - L.I.G.A. who were running 2nd for most of the game but Carlos gave them the word and got them the prize. What is LIGA and what Club gets the prize?

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for playing everyone
See you :)
The Ump 12 Sep      3
Winners send Ump a postal address :)
The Ump 12 Sep     
Gorby - Pete Mihaljevich Thanks
Gorby 12 Sep     
Got it thanks Gorby
The Ump 12 Sep     
Got it thanks Nic
The Ump 12 Sep     
Hi! We are from Edgeware Tennis Club in Christchurch. Thanks a lot :) Nic
elevatetennis 12 Sep     
Thanks for all your hard work, Ump, another fun game. Looking forward to AO AO AO! 😀
Shelley Beach 12 Sep     
Got sunburnt in September
1News Newshub sport 12 Sep     
Amazing tennis and thanks to those who posted the livestream link address. Gamechanger for me!!
virgcat 12 Sep     
Love Tennis free open days today at clubs all across the country. Everyone welcome from 11am-4pm. What where and when on the Love Tennis website
The Ump 11 Sep      2
Win or lose, a great game - thanks Ump. No fear of being snookered.
Billy 10 Sep     
mattyboi :) 10 Sep     
And a big hello to you mattyboi! What's up?
bobco 11 Sep      1
Just my opinion but I think going forward UMP. You should do away with lucky dips I know they are at the bottom of draw but several people have never picked 1 round so why enter ? What do others think
Vixen 10 Sep     
Totally disagree Vixen. Lucky Dips are the Umps coffee pot. Didn't you know that if you get a 'lucky' lucky dip you have to shout the Ump a double shot!
The Ump 10 Sep      1
Awe didnít know that 🤣🤣☕️☕️☕️☕️ Thanks for another good comp, see you at Melbourne
Vixen 11 Sep     
Interesting turned the tv on this morning as we have sky usually we can see all the tennis, but because spark sport has the rights this time we have not bn able too. The Ruud verse Khachanov was on Espn, good to see, the announcer said we will be back again in half hour, got excited going to see live tennis for the next semi final, but NO we did not. Would be good if we did get a glimpse of the finals as I saw a post across the screen saying will see tennis at the business end on ESPN.Sure hope so.
Queenie 10 Sep     
Get the spark sport free 7 day trial. Watch the final and then cancel the trial :)
Phil10isAce 10 Sep     
Oh KopakiBob what have you done? You've regained the lead after the Semis but now your terrible secret is out of the bag!! Same goes for Sez in 2nd. Shame
The Ump 10 Sep     
Very sad, Our beautiful Queen Elizabeth, she looks beautiful here in her beautiful mauve clothing at Wimby a few years ago. Such a elegant lady.Reigning for 70 years. Will be so missed. Rest in peace.
Queenie 10 Sep      2
OK Ump surely you've got the wooden spoon ready for me now? That's only fair as you helped a bit too you know!
Nancy Jenkins 10 Sep     
You're only coming 520th Nancy J so still 25 behind you. And you've still got both Iga and Ons to choose from but please don't tell anyone who you'll pick. That's the kiss of death for sure ;)
The Ump 10 Sep      1
No Ump the Kiss of Death for a player is me picking them!
Nancy Jenkins 10 Sep     
Me again, guess the Queen is allowed on centre court in heels. Wonderful lady RIP
beaver 10 Sep      1
Hey Ump how many players please. Enjoying it but mad that spark have coverage.
beaver 10 Sep     
545 Beaver and you're coming 65th. Not bad. What's your best??
The Ump 10 Sep     
It was great to see a fantastic game of tennis by 2 well mannered men and with great sport man ship as Alcaraz and Sinner. Even in the 5th set it was brilliant tennis.
Noddy 9 Sep      3
Absolutely Noddy - even today's lovely semi between Casper and Karen, not a word spoken, a gesture or finger lifted. When is some association going to get tough on Kyrios! suspension will be all he will understand because fines mean nothing.!
Nancy Jenkins 10 Sep     
God save the Queen. God save the King
1News Newshub sport 9 Sep     
Uniservers going to give it their all to win the Groups comp
greatshot 9 Sep     
Ambition is a wonderful thing Greatshot. And even plausible late at night ;)
The Ump 9 Sep     
Brandon C leads by 1 point after the Qtrs. Has he got the choices left to go all the way or will it be Brandon C U Later.
The Ump 8 Sep     
The Grand Slam Aces have led the Groups for a week. But it's the double point finals that will decide the fate of the 2 time group winners
The Ump 8 Sep      2
Women's semis is the only pick to make tonight. Just as well as Alcaraz Sinner have been going 5 hours and are 3-3 in the 5th set.
The Ump 8 Sep      1
I literally just locked in Sinner to win the whole thing when he was up and winning...then Carlos comes back!! I have magic voodoo :P
Phil10isAce 8 Sep     
Rublev in 5 sets was my pick this round, but I'm such a Tiafoe fan that I can't help but be happy with this result!
SpiderWeb 8 Sep      3
Bradley beal fan
1News Newshub sport 8 Sep     
Tiafoe still in. No Isner, no Fritz no other from USA. I like him, too.
kiki 10 Sep     
Hi Ump - I was humming and harring about my picks last night when I fell asleep, I kid you not! Anyway, woke up about 10.35, saw the text and saw the lucky dips I got. On the plus side, thank you, they did happen to be winners... on the less lucky side, one I wouldn't have picked because it will result in a definite snooker and the other I was trying to save for finals, but thems the breaks and better to have a pick than nothing at all, so thank you... Anyway - the question, can I leave my SF pick blank, so as not to be snookered for Final?
Shelley Beach 7 Sep      1
This has been queried a few times before. I recall that if you place your player two rounds ahead then they cannot be fitted into the first of the rounds. Good luck
got the pip 7 Sep      1
Thanks, I remember the rule changed at some point to make it possible, but couldn't remember how...
Shelley Beach 7 Sep     
I see that non-snooker in Mens still possible for you.
got the pip 7 Sep     
Only if I play Messiah picking. If I pick the winner of the semi I have left I have nothing for the final. I have to do my best to pick the SF loser...
Shelley Beach 7 Sep     
Misere! Thanks predictive text... :-)
Shelley Beach 7 Sep     
Love it
1News Newshub sport 7 Sep     
Haha, thanks Ump, it's far from boring... but haven't been able to watch this time as have Sky not Spark. Missed seeing Kyrgios match, which I gather was explosive :-) I was just really struggling with my picks and er... nodded off... I think I've probably used both winners now already, but my rule is you've got to keep picking until the end...
Shelley Beach 8 Sep     
Nice story Shelley Beach and sorry that the game is putting you to sleep ;)
Yes you can save a player for the final but you need to lock them in and Save it. Any players already saved for later rounds are excluded by the LDM - lucky dip monster.
The Ump 8 Sep     
Hey Ump, I got a message on my phone today that the QF picks close tonight and that I am still AWOP. Is that Absent Without Picks?? Anyway, got the picks done in time, thanks for the reminder!
StPeter 6 Sep     
No worries
1News Newshub sport 7 Sep     
Lurker is joined at the top by KopakiBob after round 4.
Good luck for the quarter finals and make sure you look ahead to the finals.
The Ump 6 Sep     
Mighty effort by Kiwi Jack Loutit against the 7th seed in the 2nd round of the boys singles. Jack had a match point in the 3rd set but couldn't quite clinch it. He's still alive in the dubs - may the force be with you Jack.
The Ump 6 Sep      4
He actually had three match points (40-15, then the advantage after the first deuce). Still a great effort.
anotherkiwi 6 Sep      1
Why can't I mention the absence of the #1 player?
icanpikem 6 Sep      1
😩. I pick the kiwis double sets thinking the men played best of 5 Bugga
Vixen 5 Sep      1
Hi Vixen, I asked that very question on 30 Aug and the Ump replied on 31 Aug advising that the doubles were best of 3 sets - you must have missed that one!
StPeter 6 Sep     
Oh man think I'm done UMP only 7 points eekk
KST 4 Sep     
Now who is going to be brave and pick between Kyrios and Medvedev?
Nancy Jenkins 4 Sep     
NICKYRGIOS needs to win first set otherised medvedev in 4
1News Newshub sport 4 Sep     
1News Newshub sport 4 Sep     
Not me - go Danil
Billy 4 Sep     
Hahah sweet mate Hope you can watch Live.
1News Newshub sport 5 Sep     
rafa okay swt
1News Newshub sport 5 Sep     
Gotta save the winner for the finals.
JustMax 4 Sep     
Cull16 and Lurker lead after round 3 on 41 points. Both have picked 6 unseeded players so far. Keep doing that and you could crack 100 points but then again...
The Ump 4 Sep      2
The Grand Slam Aces are smashing the Groups race with an average over 35. That's unheard of, even in Ashvegas - nothing better to do maybe ;)
The Ump 4 Sep     
Ump the Sinner result of course has yet to be included in both the Individual and Teams? Thanks TROY
TROY 4 Sep     
It has been entered now Troy. The match was so late finishing that Ump went walkabout for a bit :)
The Ump 4 Sep     
We just watch a lot of tennis!
Lurch 4 Sep     
I believe when i see it
1News Newshub sport 4 Sep     
Hey Ump and friends, have been away in the South Island Fiords and didn't realise there would be no signal there - it was torturoous!! At least you could have picked me some winners, I can pick the losers all by myself. Home now!!
Nancy Jenkins 4 Sep     
Welcome back Nancy J. If the sandflies didn't dent your sense of humour then a few unlucky dips are a mere pin prick. Now the beachcombers need a big hand to get off the table bottom :)
The Ump 4 Sep     
Glad to hear you're OK, Nancy! I was fearing the worst knowing what an avid player you were...
virgcat 4 Sep     
Thanks Virgcat - nice to be missed, was really hard when I got down there and found we had no signal for 6 days - wouldn't have entered this time if I'd known and saved myself the brainpain!
Nancy Jenkins 4 Sep      1
I had just come back from the outback in Australia in the nick of time to do this (although my first pick was very rushed and not entirely successful). I feel your pain!
virgcat 4 Sep     
Hi beaver. Just need to get the game scores right and I would be.🤞🤞
arky13 4 Sep     
How will you remember serena.
1News Newshub sport 3 Sep      1
For slighly quirky clothes!!! And that unfortunate US Open final against Naomi Osaka!
Nancy Jenkins 4 Sep      1
This time its Jack Draper giving a walkover. How many of us this time? This game is infuriating hahaha, yet addictive.
Phil10isAce 3 Sep      1
OMG arky13 you still there. Hang on to your tennis ball
beaver 3 Sep     
Thank goodness for the Ump's text reminders 😁
virgcat 2 Sep      2
Nooooo John Isner! After such a great round 1 win he is pulled out with injury. How many people picked him?
SmashemNat 1 Sep     
37 unlucky people
JustMax 1 Sep     
Yup - one of the unlucky 37. Isn't that the number of aces big John put down against Andy Murray at Wimby?
Ball boy 2 Sep     
Might change my name and my picks to "Lucky Dips"
Shelley Beach 2 Sep     
Me too! That's goodnight nurse. :-(
anotherkiwi 2 Sep     
Don't know whether to be happy or sad, switched Isner out for Murray with correct number of sets, but then switched Murray out for Yibing Wu with incorrect number of sets. Am also rueing my last minute changes on the woman's side, had what turned out to be an 8 pointer and a 7 pointer...but changed them...have to wait til tomorrow now...
Shelley Beach 1 Sep     
Spark Sport is at least 3 points behind the LIve Tennis points trust me I have been watching Spark every since they first came out!!!!!
1News Newshub sport 1 Sep      1
Where are you guys watching the tournament. Sky sports is not covering US open
1 Rafael nadal 1 Sep     
Spark Sport are u aware of the app
1News Newshub sport 1 Sep      1 If your not so keen on paying
Jjdubbs 1 Sep      2
Erin Routliffe and Mike Venus both won their dubs this morning. Great start and 4 sets for the Kiwis sets count.
The Ump 1 Sep     
Doubles sets was Zero nuggets
1News Newshub sport 1 Sep     
Great game thanks Ump - always fun! Puzzled as to why 1Rafael Nadal got 8 points for men and women pick when he picked a seeded player in both? I'd have thought 7 points for each. What am I missing?!
sez 1 Sep     
What you're missing Sez is a good coffee. I know it's still early but you're now looking at Rafa's 2nd round picks!
The Ump 1 Sep      1
I knew thereíd be a jolly good reason! Had two coffees just to be sure! Thanks Ump - yikes!
sez 1 Sep     
Sez totally agree makes no sense hey
1News Newshub sport 1 Sep     
This U.S Open marks my 5th anniversary of playing this EPIC game :) One rule I've always had is to NEVER pick anyone that's failed me in the past... Well, tonight I've gone against that and chosen Isner - Let's hope it was a wise decision ;)
Rafa_Jaw 31 Aug      1
1st anniversary not on SKY!!!!!!!!
1News Newshub sport 1 Sep     
I mean my 5th year of playing this game :) It's my 14th grand slam, with the first being the 2018 U.S Open
Rafa_Jaw 1 Sep     
Anyone notice there is Xiyu Wang and Xinyu Wang in the women's? Both were just shown in the draw as X Wang and of course Ump stuffed up the results. Now corrected but 8 pickers might be scratching their heads as to why their points have changed. Sorry about that :(
The Ump 31 Aug      1
Not the first time they couldn't even spell right Adrian Mannarino they had Mannerino
1News Newshub sport 1 Sep     
Woohoo! No 1 for the first time ever Ö..
1 Rafael nadal 31 Aug     
I'm sure Rafael Nadal has been there before!
bobco 31 Aug      1
Well Rafa you looked a bit shaky against the young Aussie. Just 6 more to go and good luck to you
The Ump 31 Aug      1
Some 1st round matches not completed but you still need to get 2nd round picks in tonight. Best avoid those players - unless you're super confident or love a risk :)
The Ump 31 Aug     
And your doubles sets guess needs to be in tonight too. Pick a number, any number, go on..
The Ump 31 Aug     
Remember Raducanu Lost First Rd1 2022. say what??>
1News Newshub sport 31 Aug     
Too much pressure. Really gotta feel for her. At least she is rolling in the coin from one magical tournament last year.
Phil10isAce 31 Aug      1
Yeah yeah storey of Womens Tennis tbh at GS not to be sexist. AO 23
1News Newshub sport 31 Aug     
How come some people were given 7 points for Arthur Rinderneck win and some of us got 6 points
jakalie 31 Aug     
You get a bonus point if you guesssed him to win in four sets
KyrgiosmyGOAT 31 Aug     
Can someone tell me are the men's and women's doubles matches best of 3 sets or best of 5 sets?
StPeter 30 Aug      1
Both men's and women's dubs are best of 3 sets. Remember you're guess is for the whole event - not just the 1st round!
The Ump 31 Aug     
Thanks Ump for the clarification
StPeter 31 Aug     
What is GS?? - it is best to make comments without acronyms if you don't know your audience!!
StPeter 31 Aug     
Goal Shoot for netball, Grand Slam for tennis (i.e. one of the 4 major tournaments/grand slams: Aus Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open).
Shelley Beach 31 Aug     
OK - thanks Shelley Beach
StPeter 31 Aug     
My question on this post ended up above, now answered by Shelley Beach!
StPeter 31 Aug     
Because Wimbledon is stand alone dubs event GS that is best of five sets to this day I dont know why.
1News Newshub sport 31 Aug     
Stupid program said my mens pick was saved, but it wasnt. Bad programming - I should know, I was a programmer in my former life
Murph 30 Aug     
Sounds like Murphy's Law at play Murph. Logs do show you saved the women's but not the men's. Give Ump's Draws a go for making picks and then the saving is automatic.
The Ump 30 Aug      2
Its a free game settle down Murph
Im Calling That Out 30 Aug     
Spark sport is so annoying, canít watch on Sky Grrrr.
kev the cruncher 30 Aug     
so upset can not watch on Sky sport. Positive my first 2 picks have been correct. Watching live score on internet pleased Nick Kyrgios has won. 2 upsets already, Taylor Fritz lost to qualifier Brandon holt, Tracy Austin son. Tsitsipas lost to qualifier too.
Queenie 30 Aug     
Sky what are you doing !!!!! Your Head is clearly above the clouds in Dreamland and not in NZ
1News Newshub sport 30 Aug      2
So dissapointed not to be able to watch US open on sky, cant afford to pay anymore.whats wrong with both channels showing the games
beaver 30 Aug      2
Unbelievable how the hell did Sky give up the most watched tennis event ( apart from Wimbledon ) and let Spark take over. Totally gutted :(
Ducktales 29 Aug      3
Obviously try not to be tempted to gamble if it's not for you but the tab website streams every single game if you have an account with money sitting in it. Good quality stream but the best thing is no commentary, just the sound of hitting and the umpire.
Grass apprentice 30 Aug      2
Any recommendations on streaming services rather than having to subscribe to spark sport?
chipncharge 29 Aug
Jjdubbs 29 Aug      2
Among Us Sus
Ben Dover 29 Aug     
Not happy US Open not on Sky Sport. Joined up with Spark Sport..letís hope it works.
Lainey5 29 Aug      1
Totally agree
1News Newshub sport 30 Aug     
Well that has just ripped my nightie! Why have Sky SPORT if they donít have all the majors? Grrhhhh
SuzieQ 28 Aug      2
First I find out Novak can't play and next I learn it's not on Sky Sport? You cannot be serious!
King of Queens 28 Aug      2
Draws are live.
Good picking
The Ump 27 Aug      1
Raining in New York so qualifying is suspended. Draws canít be loaded in the Big Apple Picker until qualies are finished so may not be until tonight. Ah well enjoy the sunny day pickers 🌞
The Ump 27 Aug     
What's Spark Sport and how do I get it?
Nancy Jenkins 26 Aug     
That's a question for the grandkids Nancy. They'll be all over it.
The Ump 26 Aug     
Anyone know what TV channel are broadcasting ?
Vixen 25 Aug     
Spark Sport will be streaming it live on 4 channels.
The Ump 25 Aug     
So not on SKY then. ?
Vixen 26 Aug     
Oh nooooooooo!!!!!
Shelley Beach 26 Aug     
Going to 1 million emails to sky.
1News Newshub sport 31 Aug     
How do I find this ? Thanks
Vixen 29 Aug      1
1News Newshub sport 30 Aug     
You can watch it live on some free online streaming sites... They're a bit dodgy, but I've never had a problem with them and it's great quality :)
Rafa_Jaw 28 Aug     
Spark or VIPBOX
1News Newshub sport 30 Aug     
Well, either these competitions are getting easier or I'm getting smarter. I know it's still early days but I'm currently in joint first place and haven't got a single pick wrong ...
Super Host 24 Aug      2
Take a screenshot now Super Host - before the Big Apple roller coaster takes you for a ride.
The Ump 24 Aug     
Thanks Ump. When do we find out if Novak is allowed to compete?
SmashemNat 24 Aug     
Your guess is as good as Ump who has no idea :)
The Ump 24 Aug     
🎾🎾Hello again 🎾🎾🎾
Harrison Lund 24 Aug     
🎾🎾 great to have you back 🎾🎾
The Ump 24 Aug     
all set to go Ump, bring it on!!
Bib 24 Aug     
Ump's expecting a big big game from you Bib. Time to put all that experience on the line ;)
The Ump 24 Aug     
hahaha... :)
Bib 24 Aug     
Hiya Ump I'm ready lets go Got the coffee, no that a lie got the wine ready.
beaver 23 Aug     
That's the 'spirit' Beaver.
The Ump 24 Aug     
Welcome to the Big Apple Picker - the last grand slam game for 2022. Last year Emma Raducanu shocked the tennis world when winning as a qualifier. At Wimby, Peastick shocked the faithful by becoming the first 2 time winner of the game. Could YOU be the next shock??
Good picking
The Ump 22 Aug      1
Carlos Alcaraz - just 19 and world #1

Iga Swiatek #1 seed - simply the best

The Queen made it to Wimby 4 times
but never got past the 1st round
God save the Queen

Passion or Pain? Sabalenka had plenty
but she's on the next plane out

All smiles before the brilliant 5 hour
roller coaster thriller

Andrey Rublev sees the funny side
of being blitzed by Frances Tiafoe

Too much strain in Coco's game
and Garcia got the win

Young Kiwi Jack Loutit went out in a
nailbiter in R2 of the boys singles

Rafa could only scratch and wonder...
Nice watch though

Kvitova demos the 2 handed backhand
slice but Pegula was untroubled

Daniil gives Nick the 'gotcha' look but
in the end he didn't get a look in

Is that it for Serena? Seems to be true
Hard to believe the GOAT will be gone
No more easy 10+ points in the final

Andy Murray was almost happy as he
only got aced 18 times by Berrettini

2nd seed Anett Kontaveit was staunch
but couldn't spoil Serena's party

Emilio Nava - lost to Andy Murray
but won the the happy stakes

1st shock - 20yr old Ukrainian qualifier
Daria Snigur ousts Simona Halep

Yep - anything goes in New York

Remember Emma Raducanu

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)