The US Open Big Apple Picker     


Welcome to Tennis NZ's US Open picking game.

The challenge - pick one winning player in each round of the Men's and Women's singles.

The catch - you must pick a different player in each round.

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If you've just discovered the game, sorry but you're too late to play. Take a look around and come back for the next game. Email the Ump to get a reminder.

  Scoreboard Top 5  
1. Nancy Jenkins 87
2. Lurker 85
3. Frankie 80
4. Mr Trump 79
5. Apple 78
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  Group Leaders  
1.  Marshland TC 63.2
2.  Whitby Tennis 61.4
3.  Go the Pa 60.6
4.  Millenium Trophy 60.3
5.  Havelock North 60
  Group Scores  

Runners up at the US Open
Not bad Mike. Not bad at all.
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Thanx again for running the comp, Ump. Always enjoy playing,even when I rea...
Lurker it was either you or me and I was tortured whether to pick Nadal i...
So thrilled to improved so much, the best i have done . Very exciting. Than...
Groups prize of a box of balls goes to Marshland Tennis Club in Christchurc...
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Good picking........The Ump :-)